Homestead Exemption

Do you own the home you are living in and it is your primary residence?  If so, have you filed/confirmed your Homestead Exemption to reduce your property taxes? A homestead exemption can reduce school and county taxes and certain groups are eligible for a 100% exemption.  A homestead can be a house, condo, or manufactured home, as long as you …

Acupuncture for Health

Next Step Enterprises celebrates our favorite acupuncturist and client, Izumi ‘Zoe’ Schutz, owner of Morning Quail Acupuncture. Zoe helps the Next Step team stay healthy by treating our tennis elbow and Austin allergies.

digital receipts

Can I Use Digital Copies of Receipts?

I frequently get asked the question, do I have to keep the original copies of receipts and invoices as backup for expense deductions taken on my income tax returns in case of an IRS Audit?  The organizational convenience and compact storage capability of digital medium is an easy sell for most clients but doubts about the validity of digital receipts …