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Tax Preparation Process

Next Step Tax LLC prepared several forms and checklists that will greatly assist you in identifying tax documents to upload to your BOX folder.  A complete set of tax documents is key for us to prepare your return in an accurate and timely manner. Follow this process for accurate and timely personal and business tax preparation.

Individuals – complete or update

 UPLOAD all documents to your FROM CLIENT TO NSE folder at NSE.BOX.COM

Business Owners – complete

UPLOAD all documents to your FROM CLIENT TO NSE folder at NSE.BOX.COM 

All Individual and Business clients must

  • Upload to your NSE.BOX.COM folder, all documents for which you checked ‘YES’ on the questionnaire.  We also want any additional documentation you think may be pertinent.
  • Send an email to [email protected] informing him that you have uploaded all forms, questionnaires, and tax documents needed to prepare your tax return
  • Once this email is received, your tax return is assigned to one of our tax professionals to prepare. Returns can’t be completed if we do not receive all the necessary tax documents.  Please respond quickly when our tax professionals submit a document request to you.
  • Once your return is complete, you will receive your return through a secure electronic document signing service. This is your opportunity to review your return before signing. 

Once you have reviewed your return, you can

  • Schedule a call with the preparer to answer questions
  • Sign the return
  • When the return is signed, we will send the invoice
  • Once the invoice is paid, the return will be e-filed


  • All personal taxes are due on the original filing date of April 18, 2023 to avoid penalties and interest.
  • Next Step Tax LLC will automatically file extensions for all personal and business clients unless we are specifically requested to not file an extension.
  • An extension does NOT extend the date that any taxes are due
  • Business owners or investors must prepare their business tax return(s) or receive their Schedule K-1s prior to preparing their personal tax returns.  Schedule K-1 is required for owners, partners, and investors for all business types (partnerships, S-Corps, and Corporations)

Do You Have a Personal IRS Account?

The only way to confirm that the IRS has received your tax payments and is processing your tax return is to have a personal IRS account. Through your IRS account you can make payments, view prior year tax transcripts and, keep track of any IRS letters or notices you may have received.