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Rate increase for Tax Preparation

Next Step Tax LLC will have a small increase in tax preparation fees for 2022 Tax Returns.  On average the new invoice amount will be 10-15% higher than last year’s for both business and personal returns.

Homestead Exemption

Do you own the home you are living in and it is your primary residence?  If so, have you filed/confirmed your Homestead Exemption to reduce your property taxes? A homestead …

Acupuncture for Health

Next Step Enterprises celebrates our favorite acupuncturist and client, Izumi ‘Zoe’ Schutz, owner of Morning Quail Acupuncture. Zoe helps the Next Step team stay healthy by treating our tennis elbow and Austin allergies.

NEW for the 2020 Tax Year: Form 1099-NEC

The IRS changes Form 1099 for 2020 Tax Year!
For the 2020 Tax Year, the IRS is requiring a new form, the 1099-NEC to report nonemployee compensation. The 1099-NEC is a whole form dedicated to BOX 7 (nonemployee compensation) formerly on the Form 1099-MISC.