Homestead Exemption

Do you own the home you are living in and it is your primary residence?  If so, have you filed/confirmed your Homestead Exemption to reduce your property taxes?

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A homestead exemption can reduce school and county taxes and certain groups are eligible for a 100% exemption. 

A homestead can be a house, condo, or manufactured home, as long as you own it and live in it as your primary residence.

A homestead exemption is usually established at the time of purchase but is not automatic and there are special circumstances.  For example, what if you moved into a rental home you owned and it became your primary residence?  What if you inherited a home and it became your primary residence?  You would need to file for a Homestead Exemption.

Every homeowner is eligible and there are additional benefits if they are Age 65 or older, disabled, or surviving spouses of military and first responders.

If you co-own a home, you may still receive a partial homestead exemption based on your ownership percentage.

For a complete explanation of homestead exemption in Texas, go to:

Each county in Texas has its own application for Homestead Exemption.


Travis Property Search:


Williamson Property Search:


Hays Property Search :

On your property search record, look for EXEMPTIONS: HS   If you have the HS exemption then you do not need to file an application.

Homestead Exemption applications should be filed between Jan 1st and April 30th of the year the exemption is requested.

You must own and occupy your home by January 1st of the year you are requesting the exemption.

The link to the State Comptrollers webpage is: