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Free Tax Return Extensions!

Next Step Enterprises LLC will submit Extensions of Time to File for all of our client’s 2021 state and federal Business and Personal tax returns FREE!

This is a value-added feature we provide our clients, and will serve several purposes, including:

  • Ensure your return is filed on-time without IRS or state penalties
  • Provide additional time for you to collect your tax documents from banks, brokerages, real estate investments, and employers.
  • Eliminate issues with IRS and state tax return filing date changes

This table shows the date by which Next Step Enterprises LLC will file extensions for each of the tax return types, the original filing due date, and the extended date.

1040April 18Feb 15Oct 15
Business ReturnsMarch 15Feb 10Sept 15
State Tax ReturnsApril 18*Feb 10Oct 15*
*Some states have a later Due Date

Next Step Enterprises LLC is always working to make tax season more relaxing for our clients. By auto-extending your tax returns, we are giving you time to take a deep breath before starting the tax process for Tax Year 2021.